Make Sure You Take Lots of Selfies for National #Selfie Day!

National Selfie Day

Taking selfies has become wildly popular in recent years, especially as camera phones because more and more technologically advanced. To celebrate the love of selfies, June 21st has been declared National Selfie Day. Discover more about this fun holiday below.

Celebrate National Selfie Day

What does celebrating National Selfie Day mean for the average person? Well, there are bound to be many more selfies filling social media feeds on this day as people are encouraged to capture and share pictures of themselves. There are some other things to do or consider in preparing for this day.

Practice Those #Selfie Skills

In preparation for National Selfie Day, many people are being encouraged to practice their selfie-taking skills. There are even guidelines for taking the perfect selfie. Some of these tips include the following: angle the camera to look downward on you from above, style hair in a sleek or a wild manner as either is acceptable, make use of quality lighting situations, and practice that post or action shot.

When preparing to take a selfie for this day, many people are making sure to plan their outfits ahead of time, so they can look their best. Also, there are theories that selfie stick sales are bound to increase as people prepare to use them for National Selfie Day!

A History of National #Selfie Day

DJ Rick McNeely of the Fishbowl Radio Network first started planning National Selfie Day in 2014. It took three years for this now holiday to turn viral, making 2017 a landmark year. One of the key components of National Selfie Day is the request of Fishbowl Radio Network and McNeely to keep all selfies clean and classy. It is the hopes that people from Louisiana and all across other areas of the country will take part in the day this year. From the average person to celebrities, like Steve Harvey are enticed to join in.

National Selfie Day is a rather new holiday, but it is expected to become rather popular in coming years. Therefore, prepare to be bombarded with selfies on June 21st as far as social media outlets are concerned. On the other hand, feel free to participate yourself, but do not hesitate to practice your selfie game ahead of time to perfect those skills. Make sure you purchase your Selfie-Stick in time for the Holiday!