Get Spooked with These Haunted History Tours

Haunted history tours

Do you like the thrills and chills that come with ghost stories? Are you also interested in history? Combine your two passions by going on a tour with Haunted History Tours. This company has tours that will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, and you will also learn a bit about the history of New Orleans. You’ve heard about making learning fun. These tours make learning scary.

French Quarter Ghost and Legends Tour

Commonly known as the New Orleans Ghost Tour, the French Quarter Ghost and Legends Tour will take you by haunted sites. These sites aren’t just considered to be haunted based on word of mouth. The hauntings have been recorded in city archives and police records. In addition, the team found some additional haunted sites by utilizing professional paranormal investigations. This tour lasts for two hours and is full of thrills and chills.

New Orleans Vampire Tour

Do you believe in vampires? If so, embark on a fearful journey that visits locations associated with vampires on the New Orleans Vampire Tour. You will even visit the location of a former Vampire Tavern. Along with visiting various locations, you will near the history of both real and fictional vampires in the city.

French Quarter Haunted Pub Crawl

Your favorite New Orleans watering hole might be haunted. Learn the stories of the famous haunted bars at the French Quarter Haunted Pub Crawl. You will learn about various murders that took place at some of the bars and get the scoop on the hauntings. You will also get to try some adult beverages during the tour.

5 in 1 Ghost and Mystery Tour of the French Quarter

Get all of the scares you can handle on the 5 in 1 Ghost and Mystery Tour of the French Quarter. You will learn all about the area’s voodoo, witches, vampires, and ghosts. The tour will also include some unexplained mysteries.

These haunted history tours are hair-raising and a lot of fun. It’s nice to get your pulse racing when you’re on a haunted history tour, but you don’t want to get a scare when shopping for a new vehicle. Ray Brandt Nissan in Harvey, Louisiana, makes the car-buying process easy and comfortable so you won’t have a hair-raising experience. Save the chills and thrills for the haunted history tours.